Adaptive Project Delivery

Method agnostic delivery experts that focus on people to deliver business value fast

Delivery Leads

Partnering with leaders to maximise benefit realisation

86% of projects fail. Projects over promise and under deliver. Sadly projects are set up for failure, debating methodology instead of benefits. Surge Consulting provides seasoned professionals for each step of your project delivery journey. All projects and products should focus on a customer, how does this solution solve a customers pain point? Bringing a human approach to delivery will ensure a hypothesed future state is well documented and ready to pivot based on new data.

  • WHO - is this project serving.
  • WHERE - on the customer journey will this project look to help.
  • WHAT - problem are you solving.
  • HOW - will you solve the problem.
  • IN WHAT WAY - will you deliver this project.

It is only at the end does Surge Consulting look at methodologies. Our approach? Whatever suits the delivery and culture is always the best option. Our delivery leads can wear many hats, Project managers for managing the end to end of value, Scrum Master for deliverying greater team dynamics and flow or Delivery Lead to ensure the value is delivered to the end user or customer.

  • Human

    Designing Projects around the real needs of the users and customers.

  • Adaptable

    Fixed approaches lead to failure. Adapting to changes in delivery is imperative.

  • Flexible

    Delivery requires professionals that can flex their toolkit to achieve the best outcome.

Tim Fluitsma

Delivery Practice

"If your projects are experiencing large time to market deliverables, your customers are not willing to wait for the pain points to be resolved or your people are not motivated, adopting hybrid practices could be the solution to increase customer and employee value. Adopting Agility values takes experience to implement successfully, every team and organisation is different, requiring a distinctive style of leader, Surge will save you time by identifying the teams culture and performance metrics, make a quarterly plan and execute with precision. Call us delivery leads, agile coaches, scrum masters or agile facilitators, we focus on results that matter."

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