Your employees, customers and partners  
are your competitive advantage.

Your Agility Partner

Combining technology, strategy, organisational design  
and delivery around people, ensures better outcomes.

project delivery

86% of projects fail. Projects over promise and under deliver. Sadly, projects are set up for failure, debating methodology instead of benefits. We provide seasoned professionals for each step of your project delivery journey.

How We Succeed
agility transformation
Business Agility

Moving towards customer-centric solutions is more than a ways of working update. It is a mixture of adaptive strategy, super-leadership, culture, cloud solutions, organisational structure and agile delivery. It's about people.

How We Partner
surge technology

Moving your organisation to the future requires an innovative approach. Surge Tech work together to provide AWS cloud solutions and Microsoft Power Apps to turn your digital products into functioning web applications.

How We Deliver
high performance

Performance is  

If you are a leader who is feeling the stress of delivery while wanting to protect your team, check out our free team performance report. This free report will analyse 12 key elements that have a strong impact on high performance. At the end of this two minutes scorecard, we will send you a 15 pages report explaining your current state, where we would focus our attention and the style of leadership that suits your team.

Performance Score
agility prodiciency


Transformation is a never ending journey, however, over 80% of transformations fail to net positive results. We have found there are four key areas and twelve disciplines that need to align before an agility transformation begins. Get a free transformation strategy and ensure you are set up for success.

Are you ready for Agility?


Surge has three key offerings to increase customer value; Project Delivery, Business Transformation and Technology delivery. Our people are available for contract engagements by the hour or consulting engagements by the outcome.

  • Delivery allows us to manage, facilitate or coach project deliverables to maximise customer value.
  • Transformation focuses on adapting the organisation to respond to the customer needs in a flexible way.
  • Technology partners with successful and adaptable technology teams, Surge can offer ring fenced squads that will focus on delivering outcomes for your organisation.

  • We are here for people, not for frameworks, allowing us to be agnostic in how we deliver.

    We Source the BEST

    • Business Analysts

      Understanding how organisations function to accomplish their goals.

    • Project Managers

      Change agents who step up to make your goal theirs.

    • Agile Practitioners

      Instructing new ways of working, facilitating the flow of value or coaching for better business outcomes.

    • Full Stack

      Squads specializing in PHP, C#, React and .NET on the front end and integrating with the your preferred server.

    • AWS Cloud Engineers

      Our chosen cloud provider allows scalability, security and flexibility that is unmatched.

    • Microsoft Platform

      Building internal or external tools to optimise your organisation through Microsoft power platform, dynamics and Microsoft 365.