The best person to lead an agility transformation is you!

We partner with leaders to measure the current state, provide a roadmap of the issues you may face and then provide guidance along the way.

Our clients come to us for varied reasons, however, at the root of their concerns are four key areas of pain.

  • Retaining and motivating employees in a global market
  • Decreased revenue to cost ratio
  • Losing market share
  • Data driven decision making

Our agility consultants love people and people are at the heart of any agility transformation. Over the years Surge has seen the average brand loyalty increase by 88.2%, sales increase by 58.8%, functional delivery increase by 82.4% and customer satisfaction increase by 88.2%

How can we help?

  • current state analysis

    Current State

    By understanding the current culture, ways of working and value generated, we can give you a starting point for your journey.

  • Leadership Development


    Your leaders will shape the organisation, we partner with leaders to create goals, maximise flow and empower people for success.