The best person to lead an agility transformation is you!

We partner with leaders to measure the current state, provide a roadmap of the issues you may face and then provide guidance along the way.

Our clients come to us for varied reasons, however, at the root of their concerns are four key areas of pain.

  • Retaining and motivating employees in a global market
  • Decreased revenue to cost ratio
  • Losing market share
  • Data driven decision making

Our agility consultants love people and people are at the heart of any agility transformation. Over the years Surge has seen the average brand loyalty increase by 88.2%, sales increase by 58.8%, functional delivery increase by 82.4% and customer satisfaction increase by 88.2%

How can we help?

  • current state analysis

    Current State

    By understanding the current culture, ways of working and value generated, we can give you a starting point for your journey.

  • Leadership Development


    Your leaders will shape the organisation, we partner with leaders to create goals, maximise flow and empower people for success.

  • Strategic Roadmaps


    With a future vision in place and a current state in hand, we can help you develop a strategic roadmap that maximises value.

Business Agility Radar

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Agility Readiness Scorecard

Adapting an organisation to respond to customer needs in a flexible way drives better business outcomes. Agility allows organisations to prospere by focusing on Customer Value. Take our FREE Scorecard and in under 2 minutes you'll receive customised strategy report with personalised action steps!

Current State

Our Three Horizon Strategy

After working with hundreds of teams, we used our data to recommend a reduced risk approach to transforming your organisation for greater customer value. We believe that over complicating transformations leads to failure, once you know your current state and your future state vision, you can incrementally move your organisation towards agility and stop when your competitive advantage begins to decrease relative to the cost of the transformation.

We call this the SIT model.
1 | Stabilise

Everything begins at an objective starting point. The first stage is always to stabilise the metrics with 90% visability and predictability, established leadership practices, end to end value mapped and smaller delivery cycles. From the Business Agility Radar, this is to solidify your current state.

2 | Iterate

Leveraging Kaizen change management, you can use outcomes and hypothesis to trial work flow structure changes, new roles, new leadership practices, greater empowerment and customer involvement. From a culture perspective, this is to move towards an outcome focused organisation.

3 | Transcend

Once your organisation is ready, the last stage is to move to coaching leadership practices, flatter hierarchies, customers are on the board and rapid iterations for innnovation. This is the goal of an agility transformation with the benefits that follow.

Understand where you are going!

Once you know your current state, its time to focus on your future state. You may have already looked at the recommendations with Stabilise, Iterate and Transcend, here is our process to really understand the road ahead. The seven circumstances of strategy are around our central change management tool; The Kaizen Roadmap is a simple yet effective visualisation tool for determining Objectives, creating Outcomes to test and delivering Outputs, while measuring objectively against customer value.

7 circumstances of strategy for agility transformation
  • WHY |
    Purpose Canvas

    Starting with a purpose canvas; what is our vision, our values and the mission of the organisation.

  • WHO |
    Customer Persona

    Your oganisation needs to have empathy for all and then define which niche customer segmentations you want to serve.

  • WHERE |
    Customer Journey

    Mapping out your customer(s) journey builds a detailed view of the industry, geography and behaviours of your customer(s).

  • WHAT |
    Value Proposition

    Defining the problem, you are solving, including critical success factors and blue ocean competitor analysis.

  • HOW |
    Service Portfolio

    Creating a service portfolio to match the customers will show the resources and capabilities needed for your organisation.

  • In What Way |
    Org Design

    Target operating model, ways of working, leadership, customer value metrics and org design.

  • WHEN |
    Adaptive Delivery

    Setting up dynamic roadmaps, cadence calendars and KPIs will ensure continuous improvements baked in.

Michael Law

Agility Transformation |

"The transition from efficient product offerings, product-centric to finally customer-centric can be challenging. Cross functionality is not about diferent technology people working together, it is the whole value system working together under a single customer segmentation. Lastly, its not about Agile delivery, it is about business agility!
The way your organisation adapts to respond to the customer needs in a flexible way. During my thesis on customer value, I found over 80% of transformations were failures, this was due to not realising how to measure, taking an old view on human transformation and focusing on big bang solutions.
A partnership with Surge is just that, a partnership; we have walked these miles before and we can support you on your journey, one iteration at a time."